Once we know how well your website is performing we will help you to look at ways to increase the number of visitors to your site – we call this ‘traffic’. By making improvements to the website we can improve the websites ‘visibility’ in search engines which means more people will find your website.

We do this by employing various techniques to improve your website:

Technical SEO

We run checks on your website to ensure that it is working correctly and has been configured properly. This includes things like the speed of the website and the code that makes the site work. We conduct a technical SEO audit with actionable recommendations. Technical SEO is constantly evolving so it is important to keep up with the latest trends and make continual improvements.

Keyword Research

We investigate the best keywords for you to rank for. These are the phrases that people are typing into Google so we need to make sure we optimise your website for the right ones!

On Page SEO

We then take those keywords and assign them to various pages and products across your site. We test and optimise the page content for each of the pages that we have identified and then monitor the performance of those keywords on a monthly basis. We’re not just talking what position your website appears in Google – we want you to know how many more visitors are getting to your website and how many of those visitors are making a purchase!

Off Site SEO

This involves finding and creating links from other websites to your website to increase your reputation in Google. This can involve natural ‘editorial’ links or manual outreach to other organisations. We will help your website to gain a great reputation!

SEO Services

We offer both on page and off site SEO services and also monthly packages

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