Do you need help to ensure that your website meets the latest data protection requirements?

We offer a complete audit to meet your website GDPR compliance needs. Once we have access to your website, we will conduct a thorough audit and present you with our findings with a list of recommendations for you to implement to ensure that your website is compliant.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our audits are priced at £300, this may increase if the site is overly large or complex. The audit is a written document and our pricing also includes a 1 hour consultation to feedback on our findings.

What’s Included in our Audit?

As part of our GDPR compliance guidance we will cover the following topics:

WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

We have developed a comprehensive checklist that we use to audit websites for GDPR compliance.

Contact Form Compliance

We thoroughly audit your website to uncover all of the forms and then make recommendations to ensure that they ask for suitable consent. We test your website to ensure that no old data is still being stored.

Recommended WordPress Settings

We work through your site and recommend any setting changes that are needed. Not sure what to do with user registrations, comments and the right to be forgotten? We will help you.

Data Breach Alerts

How will you know if your website has suffered a data breach? We will check whether you have monitoring software in place and recommend how you can monitor your website 24/7.

Privacy Policy Changes

Did you know that your privacy policy will need updating to comply with GDPR? Find out what is needed to create a new fully-compliant privacy policy.

Cookie Consent

Are you running a cookie consent notification on your website? We will audit the cookies used on your site and recommend how to deploy those cookies with a suitable consent notification to ensure compliance.

Pop-Ups/Sign-Up Forms

We will check for an additional software in use to collect data and make recommendations on how to ensure that it seeking the correct consent.

Business Information

We check the business information listed on your site to ensure that you are complying with HMRC regulations.

W3C Compliance

We run a test of your website to ensure there is no code that could cause problems with your site.

Action Points

Each section includes an action points summary with recommendations that you can apply straight away to your website.

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