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Here at Perspective Design we offer a range of full funnel inbound marketing services for your business. That sound more complicated than it actually is! To put it simply, we want to support you with a complete marketing process to help your business to grow. We do this by drawing new leads to your website and converting those leads into happy, satisfied customers!

What is Inbound Marketing?

When it comes to the customers of your business, you know that how you market your products to them is important. Sometimes this can be easy, however there are times when it can feel like a struggle and as though you’re having to go the extra mile to fight for their attention! Inbound marketing is all about attracting your ideal/dream/perfect customer, by creating and sharing specific content with them that will keep their attention and ultimately their return for more. Each potential buyer of your product goes through a series of stages, so full funnel inbound marketing allows us to look closely at each stage the buyer goes through, allowing you to optimise your marketing efforts for each area.

Inbound Methodology

Identifying the key stages that your buyer goes through is the best place to start when it comes to Inbound Marketing. In doing so, you can maximise your efforts, focusing on the quality of your content which will encourage people to gravitate towards your company. The inbound methodology can be divided into four marketing actions; attract, convert, close and delight.

Inbound Marketing - Attract

1. Attract

Whilst having new traffic (people) look at your website is a good thing, turning this into the right kind of traffic is key. As a business you need to decide what your ideal customers will be like both inside and out, meaning you can identify clear buyer personas. This comprehensive ideal of the buyer persona covers the aims, challenges, pain points, sticking points or problems of products and services, as well as considering the personal and demographic information that is shared amongst your customer type. Ultimately, your business is built around personas, whom you are aiming to turn into satisfied and happy customers!

Attracting the right users to your site can be brought down to some important tools:


One thing that all customers have is questions! Inbound marketing begins with blogging. It is a great tool that not only helps you to attract new visitors to your website but also allows you to create and provide educational content that directly answers their questions. Your prospective customer will feel like you’re speaking directly to them!


When a prospective customer begins their online buying journey, (unless they know of your website due to other means of advertising) it usually begins with a search engine. So, it is important for you to appear prominently wherever they are searching. This comes down to carefully selecting and precisely choosing words that will create the optimum content for your site. Building links around the key words that your ideal buyer is searching for will also help with attracting your customers.


Looking professional and relevant is important when it comes to your website. However, just looking the part is not good enough! Your site needs to appeal to your buyer personas and so will need optimising with the perfect content to keep them engaged and looking around at what you offer. Helpful and clear content is the key to turning those ‘one off’ visitors to returning customers.

Social Publishing

Social publishing and social media is something you will either love or hate. But in today’s world, be encouraged and grow to love it. If it is used and managed well, your company can travel further than you could ever imagine. Social publishing is a great way to put a human face to your business or brand. Social publishing allows you to engage with and presence yourself where your potential customers spend their time. Your successful inbound marketing strategy is all about remarkable content. Social media is a great way to share all of that great content that you have created!

Inbound Methodology - Convert Visitors

2. Convert

Converting those all important website visitors into leads is the next step. How is this done? You need to gather their contact information, the very least of this being their email address. Some will be more willing to give you this information than others, so the key here is to make it worth their while – by offering them something of value in return! This could be in the form of eBooks, whitepapers, or tip sheets etc… it is whatever would be interesting and valuable to your buyer personas.

Converting your visitors into leads can be approached using the following tools:


Creating a simple, yet optimised form for your visitors to fill out and submit their information is a great way for visitors to become leads. This is the perfect start for making the conversion process as easy as possible.



Setting up a call-to-action is a great way to encourage your visitors to take action. Being prepared with actions or links like ‘Download your free eBook’ or ‘Attend our free training’ is a great way for your visitors to become leads. But remember, make sure that your calls-to-action are interesting, relevant and strategically placed, otherwise you run the risk of not generating any leads!


Landing Pages

Following the call-to-action, a visitor to your site should be sent to a landing page. This is where the call-to-action offer or link followed should be completed. Your sales team or sales work will begin here, as the landing page is where your visitor submits their information so that you can begin a conversation with them. Visitors filling out their details for the first time become a contact.



Storing your contacts and keeping track of the communication you’ve had with them helps you to make sense of how and when you have interacted with your contacts. A centralised database helps you identify the leads your converting whether it be through social media, email, landing page. Nevertheless, keeping track will help you to optimise future conversations more effectively, helping you to have a successful inbound marketing strategy for your ideal customers.

Inbound Methodology - Close Leads

3. Close

This is were those crucial leads are transformed into customers. The conversion from lead to customer takes place here and by using the right marketing tools, you can effectively complete this stage. This means closing the right leads at the right time.

Tools for closing the right lead at the right time:


Being prepared with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is very important at this stage. Having all the necessary details about your now nearly customer is vital when it comes to getting in touch and considering those deals in the pipeline. Keeping track of the contact and company details positions you, so that you can engage with them, being there for what they need just at the right time.

Closed-loop Reporting

This is the measure of how effective your marketing and sales techniques/teams are working together. Through careful checking of which marketing efforts are bringing in the best leads, are your sales techniques closing them into customers? Is it time for your business to analyse how well these two things are working together?


It doesn’t matter which field of sales or marketing you work in whether it be retail or online. There will always be some who take a little longer than others to become customers. In the online world, this is where a series of emails will help if there isn’t the opportunity for face to face conversation. Emails that contain useful, focused and relevant information can be a great way of building trust with those who have filled out the landing page, but aren’t yet ready to commit to becoming a customer. Building the lines of communication will help them in their journey of wanting to buy.

Marketing Automation

Taking note of what your leads are looking at on your website or which action(s) they have taken from the call-to-action links is the perfect way of tailoring specific emails to what your lead is looking for. Sending a series of related emails to a topic your lead is interested in are also great in transforming leads into customers. If your lead seems to be drawn back to a particular page on your site or may interact more with you on social media, then changing the messages to build on this is also a great idea.

Inbound Methodology - Delight Customers

4. Delight

Here is the ultimate goal. When those visitors have gone through the transformation from leads into customers, gaining their loyalty and delighting them is what will keep them coming back as your faithful customers. Inbound marketing is all about providing content that is both excellent and distinguished to the user, whether they are brand new or well established. It demonstrates to them that just because they will buy or have bought something from you once, you won’t forget about them. Happy and satisfied customers also means that your customer base will be confident to promote your organisation and products.


Tools used to delight customers include:


Asking your users directly is the best way to find out what they want. Gaining direct and good quality feedback is the best way to ensure that you’re providing customers with what it is they’re looking for.

Smart Calls-to-Action

This involves presenting users with specific offers that will change depending on where they are in the buying journey.

Smart Text

When it comes to delighting your existing customers, present content that is bespoke to them. Aiming it at their interests and challenges will not only help them to achieve their own goals, but will also allow you to introduce new products or features that may be of interest to them.

Social Monitoring

Social monitoring is a great way of keeping track of what your customers are saying. Be sure to take note of the ones that matter the most to you. Look out for questions, comments, likes and dislikes and respond to them with meaningful and appropriate content.

Certified for HubSpot Inbound

The Inbound Certification is an online marketing course from Hubspot. The Inbound Certification helps you stay on top of the latest trends in the inbound world.
The content spans the entire Inbound Marketing Methodology from how to attract visitors with content and website optimisation, to how to convert visitors into leads, close leads into customers and then delight those customers into promoters.

Certified for HubSpot Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Certification is an advanced training course that teaches how lifestyle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics, and optimisation come together to create an email marketing strategy that grows both businesses and careers.

Certified for HubSpot Sales Software

The HubSpot Sales Software Certification is a course that teaches how to use HubSpot CRM and the core features of HubSpot Sales to execute a high-performing expert sales strategy like a professional. Helping to reduce manual tasks and confusing features of most customer relationship management systems, this is an expert level course.


Our full range of individual marketing services.

Web Design

With experience creating a range of types of website, we can build a website that works for your business, helping it to grow.


Branding is more than just getting a logo. Our designers can help you to create a distinguishable brand to represent your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a range of Search Engine Optimisation services, including SEO audits, to help you find problems which need to be addressed.

Google Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords campaigns can be an effective way to drive new business to your website. We offer full management packages to ensure that your Adwords budget is being used effectively.

Google My Business Listings

Local Search Engine Optimisation should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. We can build effective Google My Business listings to enhance your presence in Google.

WordPress Care Plans

Our WordPress Care Plans give you complete peace of mind, knowing that someone is always looking after you. We offer a range of levels of service, depending on your needs.


Using the right words to describe your business is crucial not only for your customers but also to help search engines to find your website. Our copywriter can help you to sound your best.


Good photography is vital when selling your brand. This can often be the weakest link in your website. Our photographer can deliver vibrant images that will enhance your website.


If you need advice and support about how online marketing can take your business to the next level, we offer ‘Discovery Sessions’ where we offer guidance and assist you to develop a strong foundation for your project.

Social Media Management

Actively managing your social media accounts can either be time consuming or neglected. Why not let us take that burden from you. We can develop a strategic social media plan for your business.

Local SEO Audit

If you offer services within a local area, we can help you to create and assess the effectiveness of your local business listings. We helped businesses to achieve high rankings in Google’s sought after ‘3-Pack‘.

Email Marketing

Are you building an email subscriber list. We can help you to build email marketing campaigns that nurture new customers, keep existing customer loyalty and engage potential buyers.

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