It doesn’t matter which field of sales or marketing you work in whether it be retail or online. There will always be some who take a little longer than others to become customers. In the online world, this is where a series of emails will help if there isn’t the opportunity for face to face conversation. Emails that contain useful, focused and relevant information can be a great way of building trust with those who have joined your mailing list, but aren’t yet ready to commit to becoming a customer. Building the lines of communication will help them in their journey of wanting to buy.

Email marketing is not just about writing an email! To make effective use of your email marketing platform there are a number of stages.

Grow your list

Firstly, you need a list of emails! We help you to create or grow your list by configuring your email marketing platform (making sure you are GDPR compliant!). We create landing pages and optin forms for your website to encourage your users to join your list. This often involves working with you to create good free resources that you can share with your customers (we call them lead magnets).

We also ensure that customers who make a purchase are given the option to join your mailing list at the checkout.

eCommerce Marketing Automation

We then create a number of automated emails to help your customers to complete their purchases. This will include a welcome series, which will be sent as soon as someone joins your list or makes a purchase. Abandoned cart emails, reminding your customers to complete their purchase. Post-purchase follow up emails are used to remind customers of other products or ask for social shares and reviews. Re-engagement emails are used to win back customers who have not made a purchase for a while. We will also create product recommendation emails, which will be sent to your customers based on what they have already purchased.

Regular Communication

Keeping your mailing list fresh with regular content is vital to the success of any email marketing campaign. We help you to create monthly newsletters, seasonal offers and new product launch emails to keep your customers in the loop.

Useful Email Insights

As with all of our services, we love the numbers. We will provide you with meaningful data about how many people are interacting with your emails and most importantly, which emails are generating sales!

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