At Perspective Design we make it our business to help your business! We want to help you grow your business by increasing your sales. One of the most important ways to increase sales on your website is to increase the number of people that decide to make a purchase – this is called the conversion rate. We set up advanced website analytics so we can monitor your customers interactions with your website, we make improvements at every step of the way (this is called your funnel) to ensure that more customers complete a transaction. Typically this includes your key landing pages, product pages, basket and checkout pages. This is more cost effective in the long run than simply trying to drive more and more traffic to your site through advertising, and making your marketing budget go a lot further!

This package includes the following benefits:

  • Heat mapping of your key sales funnel pages to provide information to improve the page layouts
  • We will analyse recordings of your users website interaction to look for potential issues with the sales funnel
  • Monthly sales funnel reporting to help us identify weak points in the sales process. We will then make changes based on the analytics data
  • We then test multiple variations (A/B test) of your key pages and use the data to ensure that we make changes that lead to an increase in sales

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