Project Description

Vanguard helps companies to manage the health and safety requirements for their organisation. They focus on safety in the workplace by providing training, health and safety awareness courses and a consultancy service to help businesses review their current practice in this area.

This website was built for a brand new firm who were looking to advertise and promote their consultancy services. With the important nature and the vast range of services being offered, it was important to create a site that would meet all the requirements of the business. Although this was a new business, the company already had a logo that had been designed for them. However, they logo was dated and would not have transferred well to the kind of site they were looking for. As a result of this, we reimagined the logo, bringing it up to date and in keeping with current design trends.

Project Details

Client Vanguard STC
Date 16th April 2015
Skills Branding, Web Design

Vanguard Website Screens


This site has been presented with the use of bold colours in order to give a striking visual design. The choice of colours used helps to represent the trustworthy nature of the firm, thus promoting them to companies who are looking to meet their statutory requirements.

  • Stock Photography

    At the request of our client, they opted to use images from our stock photography. The images chosen are bold and clearly represent the services that Vanguard offers. 

Vanguard Consultancy
  • Custom Contact Form

    With this website, the enquiries and contact form was much more complex than that which would usually be required. It depended upon much more detail, so that customers of Vanguard could express interest in specific courses with options for giving extra details, such as the number of people needing to attend the course and where the training would need to take place. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Our client requested SEO for their website. As part of this service, we provided copywriting of information with specifically audited key words. A strong web presence for our client’s company is vital, and so key words were written into the text of the website to ensure that the site rankings (primarily in Google) maintain the site’s visibility. The SEO package also entitles our client to monthly updates to ensure that the website is working well and being effective in bringing in business. 


This site has been designed so that it looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We provided our client with custom artwork to give the best representation of what is offered by Vanguard. These were created so that regardless of the device used to view the site, the images would format along with the accompanying text.

Vanguard iPad Screen

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