Project Description

Arthur Eedle is a writer of Christian articles, discussing various topics regarding doctrine, theology and other aspects to do with the Christian faith. He has been writing such articles since 1986, which to date has led him to being the author of over 700 writings. At Perspective Design, the project we worked on included rebuilding his website to make it easier to find articles for those looking to find them, and also for Arthur to manage the articles himself.

Project Details

Client Arthur Eedle

Date 17th August 2015

Skills Web Design, Blogging


The Problem

As Arthur had such a vast array of articles that could be categorised into many different topics, the old website, which was built in Microsoft Word, did not allow for this large collect to be easily filtered. The site took a long time to update, the archives could not be searched easily and it was difficult for our client to manage and add new articles to the site. 

The solution

With the website being one of the main ways that Arthur displayed his work, our solution to his problem was to build a new website based on WordPress. This allowed for all the articles to be reformatted and converted into a new navigation system, whereby all the articles could be fully indexed into collections of articles. We used a web based interface to ensure that Arthur could add new articles without any fuss!

Mobile Responsive Design


The old website was not easy to read and did not lend itself well to displaying on other devices. The new website has a responsive design, which is clear and allows the reader to browse through and read the articles with clear text, using just a mobile phone.








Cups of Tea
Book Catalogue


For Arthur, it was important that his new website showcased his collection of printed books. So as part of the project, each book was added to the site with a ‘buy now’ link, which will take a person to the publisher’s website so that the book can be purchased online.

  • Easy to Update

    Our client is able to update the website via the WordPress dashboard.

  • Automatic Backups

    As part of our managed hosting plan, the site is backed up regularly to ensure our client’s peace of mind.

  • Enhanced Navigation

    The use of a detailed menu allows for the website to be easily navigated, helping the user to find the very article or category they are looking for

  • Fully Searchable

    All articles are fully indexed making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Wordpress Admin Area
  • Built on WordPress

    WordPress powers over 15 million websites worldwide and has proved itself as a solid foundation for this type of website. It is fast, ensures clean presentation and is great for the client to manage.

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