Project Description

Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society (LLBS) are an independent voluntary organisation, whose aim is to enhance the quality of life for blind, partially sighted and visually impaired people whatever their age or personal circumstances in life. They give practical help, advice and assistance if a person is experiencing sight loss.

LLBS were looking to modernise their website, and we’re looking for a site that they could update themselves, which would enable them to share new information with their clients.

Project Details

Client Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society
Date 8th September 2014
Skills Web Design

LLBS Hompage


The design chosen for LLBS uses images and text that assists the organisation in its aims. The choice of images demonstrate the charity in action and the layout of the text, as advised is suitably spaced out with clear titles and headings. 

  • Built for Accessibility

    From the very first line of code, this site was created to be accessible down to the very last detail. With the clients and users of the site in mind, the design has a specific focus on appropriate navigation and ensures the correct working with accessibility software, such as screen readers.

  • Clear Typeface

    The text is optimised for those who are partially sighted. The fonts used throughout the site are those that are nationally recommended to allow for clear reading by those with impaired sight. Not only is it important to have the appropriate font, but also the relevant font sizes. As requested, these are adjustable throughout the site.

  • High Contrast Menu

    The site is also built with a custom interface menu, which allows the user to select from a range of high contrast viewing modes. This is then stored on the users computer via a cookie to remember their preference.

  • Password Protected user area

    Within the site there is a password protected area that can only be accessed by members of the society. Members, who pay a subscription are issued with a password to access additional content, such as recordings of local publications.


For our client, it was not only important to meet their needs in creating an accessible and modern website, but also to consider the audience they are reaching. When building a website that needs a striking design, it is imperative to ensure that the effects of the design are not lost throughout the visibility modes. Within the different visibility modes that were requested by LLBS, it was our aim to ensure that all users have a pleasant and purposeful experience when viewing and using the website.

Visibility Modes

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