Project Description

M.Goys Taxis of Louth are a friendly and reliable taxi company who believe that customer care is of the utmost importance. They tailor their service to meet a person’s individual requirements. This particular client was seeking a website that they would be able to update and amend information themselves, allowing them to keep their site up to date with their business.

Project Details

Client Michael Goy
Date 15th May 2014
Skills Web Design, SEO


The overall design of this website focuses on having a clear and well organised layout that tells the viewer exactly what they need to know. The information on the first page and menu bar are clearly set out, giving excellent access and navigation through the site. Due to the nature of the business, the contact details are clearly visible, enabling the clients business to be well promoted. At the client’s request, this site was also built so the the client could update and amend this site as necessary.

Goys Taxis Homepage
Goys Taxis Courier Page
  • Optimised for Speed

    This website is designed to load quickly on desktop computers to mobile devices so that those requiring the services of Goys Taxi’s can access the site easily and swiftly. 

  • Social Integration

    For our client, contact with their customers and relaying information on a wider basis is important. This site integrates well with Twitter and Facebook not only reading the feeds from social networks but also posting new information when the website is updated.

  • Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    A strong web presence for our client is vital. As part of the service that we offer, we complete monthly SEO updates to ensure that the website is working well and being effective in bringing in business. We look at the website rankings (primarily in Google) and also look at local listings pages and the site’s visibility on the web through sources such as Thompson Local, Yelp, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and many more.


Most taxi websites are viewed on a mobile phone when people are out and about. With this in mind, this design not only looks great but allows potential customers to locate the information they need quickly and easily.

Goys Taxis Mobile Phone

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