Project Description

Generations Church is a contemporary church based in Louth, Lincolnshire. They are actively involved in the community and offer a range of community projects. Earlier this year, the church decided to change their name from Louth Christian Fellowship to Generations Church to better represent the culture of their church to the local community.


Project Details

Client Louth Christian Fellowship

Date April 2016

Skills Web Design, Branding, Social Media


Our Solution

Louth Christian Fellowship had an existing website, which was styled to match their previous branding designs. There were also a number of items of publicity material that were out of date and needed to be replaced with the new church name. As part of this process, the church wanted to create additional promotional materials to help with the transition to the new name.

We offered a complete branding solution to the church. This involved a range of new logo designs for the church, along with a range of promotional materials to help with the transition to the new name. We created large flags to be displayed outside of the church building, along with business cards, letterheads and roller banners. In addition to the core branding, further artwork was created for each of the projects run by the church. Finally a website was created so that church could easily share information with both its members and the community.

Generations Logo Large White


A new logo design was created to represent the new church name. A colourful design was created, using coloured segments to represent the different generations that co-exist within the church. Also the church have chosen a verse from the Bible to go on their material which said ‘One generation will tell of your works to another’. The central G design was created to show a cascade of sections to represent this Bible verse in the design.


Range of Logos

Generations Logo Colour
Generations Logo Colour
Generations Logo Grey
Generations Logo Grey Text
Generations Logo White
Generations Logo White Text

Flag Designs

As the building is in a conservation area, putting up permanent signage on the bulding was a problem. Flags were created to be displayed on a Sunday morning outside of the church, to welcome people into the building.

Generations Church Flag
Generations Church Roller Banners

Roller Banners

Roller banners were also created for display within the building and for use in other community projects or events.


Project Artwork

Within the life of the church, there are many different departments which are referred to as ‘ministries’. Each ministry has a specific role within the church and so needed artwork to best represent that particular area.

Crowned Logo
Neon Logo

New Website Design

Generations Church Messages

Engaging Design

The website uses a clean and vibrant design to reflect the approachable nature of the church. The menu and chosen style aims to demonstrate the ‘real life’ of the church.


Simple Navigation

We restructured the church’s website, creating a page for each area of church life, making the site easy for all generations to navigate. With a clear and striking homepage, church members (and visitors) can easily find upcoming events.


Focussed on Visitors

With the existing site, there was a focus on providing information to church members. As we rebuilt the site, we shifted that emphasis to making sure that visitors could easily find out about the church and its events. Having a greater focus on visitors and knowing that they may have questions, we placed a call to action on each page.


Technical Features

As part of this project, the church asked us to include a varity of features to help with the smooth running of day to day aspects and events.

We created a bespoke podcast system, which is easy for the church to maintain, displays custom artwork and is integrated with iTunes.

With a significant growth in the use of social media, we added social media sharing options helping the church to develop their social media strategy.

Communication is a vital aspect of this church and so creating email opt-in forms which integrate with MailChimp helps to automate the process.


Events Booking

A ticket booking system for church events was added to the site. This allows parents to book their children in for various holiday clubs and is also used for conference bookings.

An online consent form was created to simplify the legal stuff for events aimed at those under 18. This is more environmentally friendly, easy to complete whilst being safe and secure.

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