Project Description

Eastgate Union Church is a joint Baptist/URC church that is made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds and denominations. They not only serve as a place of worship but offer up their building for use by other members of the community. Eastgate Union sought to make their website more contemporary and accessible for the variety of people using it. The church has a significant amount of information and a busy schedule for which they were looking for a better way to organise, ensuring its clear presentation to church members and the public.


Project Details

Client Eastgate Union

Date 4th November 2015

Skills Web Design


Eastgate Union Website


Eastgate Union sees itself as a vibrant part of the community and wanted their website to not only be appealing, but to reflect their aim of being accessible to others and being a part of the local town. The three most important pages of the website are highlighted on the first page, which are subsequently linked to key pages making it clear what is available and who Eastgate Union are. This website uses a neutral colour scheme, and the site is brought to life by the bold and colourful images, which also show the church in action.

  • Custom Recording Section

    For this website we built a custom recording interface for the ease of publishing church sermons. This allows the client to log onto the website so that they can upload MP3 files of the sermons recorded from each service. As it is custom built, those viewing the website can search for sermons or recordings through the catalogue by preacher name or the date the recording was made. As this interface is built into the website, there is no need to download the MP3 first, it can be played directly from the website.

  • User Permissions

    At the request of the client, there was the need for several different people to edit different sections of the site. For each of these people, they were issued with a password to enable them to log on to the site and edit a specific page.

  • Interactive Calendar

    This is one of the big features of this website. It was requested by our client in order to help with the organisation and structuring of the large amounts of information needed to be given out. It has been made so that it can be viewed by church members and the community. The calendar is not only clearly presented, but also allows viewers to filter and search for events and can be edited by those who have been issued with a password for ‘user permission.’

  • Photography

    We have great connections with two extremely talented local photographers who are both highly recommended. The first element of photography was completed on location to ensure that a true reflection of the life of the church was captured and the second element took place in a studio for portrait photographs of the church elders and staff.


This website also has a very good responsive design, which is optimised to work on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. With the town of Louth being a popular place to visit, our client felt it was important that the site should be easy to view and access on mobile devices so that the place of worship could be found for those visiting the area.

Eastgate Responsive Devices

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