Is your website mobile friendly? A beginners guide

In case you missed the news, Google have made some big changes to their search algorithms for 2017. This gives us a lot of things to be thinking about to keep our websites up to date and working well. Let’s have a quick look at what it means for your website to be mobile friendly and what you can do to check if your website is up to scratch.

What Does Mobile Friendly Actually Mean?
Mobile friendly simply means that your website is easy to view on a mobile device. That could be a mobile phone or tablet computer. This is not a new concept and ‘responsive’ websites have been around for a number of years. This means that when you view a website on a mobile device, the fonts change size and the layout adapts to the screen to make the content easy to read. There is also the issues of the menu; A standard navigation menu doesn’t work well on a mobile. Neither does an over the top homepage with complicated navigation options. That’s why you’ll see most website adopting a ‘hamburger’ style menu icon on mobile (the 3 lines that you click on to make the menu pop out from the side or top of the mobile screen!)

Why Choosing Flywheel Hosting Will Make You Smile

Are you unhappy with your current website host? Is your website slow and underperforming? Are you fed up of dealing with hacked sites, failed updates and poor customer service?

In 2016, we made the decision to start moving all of our customer websites over to Flywheel. Here are a few reasons why we love their hosting service and why we think you’ll love them too!

1. Flywheel’s Servers Are Fast

With our previous hosting environment, we found that server response times were regularly being flagged as a speed issue. This means long page loading times and disappointing speed test results. We work with companies to take their existing Wordpress Websites and optimise the performance of their sites. Moving to Flywheel made an immediate difference to the time it took to request a webpage compared with other hosting platforms. Find out what Flywheel have to say about their blazing fast performance.

4 things to look for in a design agency

If you found this article, then maybe you’ve already decided that you need to invest some money into your online presence. This could be a new website, an advertising campaign or maybe you just need someone to look after it all for you. Finding the right person or design agency to work with is vital to the success of any project.

Let’s take a look at some top things to look for when choosing a team or web developer to work with.

1. Do you get on with the design agency?
The relationship that you create with your designer / agency has the potential to be a long thing. Do you get on with them or do your personalities clash? If you have already started a conversation with them, was it hard work or was it natural. It’s hard to put down in writing exactly what this means, but if your initial impression is not good, then walk away. A few years ago I went to buy a new car so I went with my wife to the local dealership to arrange a test drive. The car was great, but the salesman was really hard work. In the end we walked away and bought a car from somewhere else.

6 Reasons why a cheap website is a bad investment

Ever had that feeling when you bought something that was cheap only to discover later that there was a reason it was cheap! Yeah, me too – and that’s why if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is especially true when it’s a cheap website!

In this article I want to share with you a few reasons why you don’t want to cheap out on our your website project and help you to understand what a website can provide for your business.

The problem is that web developers can very quickly get into ‘tech’ speak – it all sounds very complicated and you’re not actually sure what you are getting for your money. So here are a few reasons why you should avoid those ‘budget’ websites.

1. Understanding your website requirements takes time
If you want someone to understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve in your business, it is going to take a lot longer than a couple of introductory meetings. A lot of website projects fail to deliver because the developer and the business owner are not on the same page. This is bad for the business and it’s also bad for the developer because they will be running around like a headless chicken try trying to make you happy and getting it wrong!

How Website Speed Impacts Conversion

A delay on your website as little as one second can have a big impact on customer satisfaction, the number of page views and can have a detrimental impact on your business. This infographic, courtesy of shows how the speed of your website can impact your business!

If you need help improving the speed of your website, why not get in touch with us. If you are an existing customer, take a look at our premium care plans to see how we can help speed up your website.

Does my WordPress website need cookie consent?

Wordpress Cookie Consent
I was recently asked by a client if it was necessary to add a cookie consent message to their Wordpress website. If you are reading this with the same question, the short answer is maybe!

There is no definitive answer for this question but there are some guidelines and recommendation that are worth reading. Before we get to that, it is worth asking a few questions…

Why does my website need maintenance?

Building your website on the WordPress platform has many advantages, such as adding additional features to your website such as eCommerce and social media integrations. It is also great for customers who want to be able to edit parts of their website themselves. The downside of this is that WordPress is regularly being updated.

Just like owning a car, it is advisable to get your website serviced regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Without this regular maintenance, your website is vulnerable to attack from hackers who are always looking for ways to gain access to your site.

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