Our 8 Favourite Free WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Websites

This is the second episode in our series of how to launch an eCommerce website in a day. In this episode we will be talking about our choice of free plugins that we recommend for creating an eCommerce website in Wordpress.

1. WooCommerce eCommerce Platform
There are a number of different eCommerce plugins for Wordpress and some great articles about which eCommerce plugin you should choose. We won’t get into that today – all I will say is that we decided to go with WooCommerce for all of our eCommerce sites. Some developers would choose a plugin based on the use case, but you are going to need to invest a lot of time into really getting to know your chosen platform. So I would say choose one and stick with it so you really know how it works.

How To Launch An eCommerce Website In A Day

How It Began
Back in January, we set ourselves the challenge of launching a fully functioning eCommerce website in a day!

We documented the whole process across 35 screen capture videos so that we can help other people to launch their own eCommerce website following our best practices along the way.

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