5 things to do before you pay for Google Adwords

In this article we will give you 5 tips to promote your website online before you invest money into a Google Adwords campaign. Lets be clear about this, Google Adwords is a great tool for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, but you don’t want to throw money down the drain if you haven’t got the foundations right. You wouldn’t spend a ton of money respraying your car with a custom paint job, if the car was covered in rust patches. You need to prepare the surface first, otherwise it will ruin the finish. It’s the same thing with your business!

The problem
I have seen lots of small businesses who will put money into a Google Adwords campaign to boost their website up to ‘number 1’ in Google. This isn’t the quick fix that it may first appear, because unless you can keep the customer engaged, you will pay for the click and then they will leave your site straight away. So you’ve just wasted your money. This is called the bounce rate and by checking the statistics for your site, you can measure how effective your site is at holding a customers attention.

So let’s have a look at some things that you can do to get the foundations right for your business:

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