69 Facts You Need to Know About WooCommerce (Infographic)

If you have a Wordpress site for eCommerce then chances are you are probably already using WooCommerce, covering over 42% of all eCommerce sites it’s quite easy to see why.

WooCommerce is a free open source plug-in with an infinite amount of options and possibilities, ranging from simple shops to massive brands such as All Blacks, making it extremely versatile. WooCommerce supports a wide range of options for payment solutions so you’re never tied down to one single option like other alternatives, making it very easy to configure WooCommerce to best fit the needs of your site.

All You Need to Know About eBay (Infographic)

eBay, a name that is synonymous with buying and selling almost anything, be that a lock of Justin Beiber’s hair or a New Car, eBay has it all.

Pierre Omidyar launched the little e-commerce company back in 1995, from there it has grown into what we know it as now, a well known, reputable company making a revenue of over $8.97 billion in sales, and still growing. eBay is a good example of why it’s so important to always think like a big business, even if you are only just starting out.

Optimising Conversion Rates for eCommerce: 46 Clever Hacks

Optimising conversion rates is key to making your eCommerce business flourish. Without CRO (conversion rate optimisation) you can have all the traffic in the world, but little to no leads.

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of making sure you are doing all you can to turn website visitors into valuable customers. This includes optimising the website overall, using real-time analytics, clever design and psychological elements.

The smallest of tweaks can make a huge differences in conversion rates, ASOS for example increased their conversion rate by 50%, just by simply adding an option for their customers to be able to checkout as guests!

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